Body Positivity

No garment is as personal and empowering as lingerie. Nothing inspires confidence and desire like an exquisitely designed bra or a beautifully cut thong. Swimwear too, has a special way of revealing a woman’s self-assurance and radiance. At LEONESSA, we believe that lingerie should be worn for and enjoyed by you. Even if no-one else sees what’s underneath your clothes, the perfect intimate pieces will make you feel like the goddess you are.

Dream, Design, Develop:

At LEONESSA, we know that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we're all about body positivity, baby! Our founder and designer, Michèle, ensures that every garment we create is made with women of all shapes and sizes in mind. We don't just stop at the design stage either. We invite women from all walks of life to try on our lingerie and give us their two cents. This helps us perfect the fit, comfort, and style of our lingerie, so you can feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Our Editing Motto:
What You See is What You Get

We think it’s time the industry gets real in every aspect. There’s little point in supporting diversity if you’re going to edit your models into something unrealistic. At LEONESSA, we say “no way” to filters, Photoshopping, and heavy editing of our images and models. We correct only lighting and colors and may do minor retouching to intimate body parts. So you know when you receive your new lingerie, it will fit you just like it fits your model equivalent.

Our Choice of Models: Championing Diversity

We know that women’s bodies come in all shapes, sizes, and skin tones – and that they’re all beautiful! At LEONESSA, we aim not only to normalize real bodies but to put them center stage. We work with models of different sizes, body types, and ethnicities so you can visualize how you would look in our lingerie (hint: gorgeous!). When "you" are represented, you feel more confident about buying and wearing a garment.

Sadly, not everyone sees things the way we do. We’ve often struggled to find curvy models, as most agencies have outdated - and frankly wrong - beauty standards. But we’ve turned this to our (and your) advantage. Many of our curvy models are non-professionals; real women with beautiful, natural curves and the LEONESSA vibe! 

Our sizing

Your size is just a number, but it’s important to get it right so you feel comfortable and confident in your lingerie. LEONESSA pieces are currently available in sizes Small, Medium, and Large. We’re working on introducing a more diverse range of sizes in the near future - we just have to figure out how to cut the cost of developing and storing more garments. In case you don't know which size will work best for you, we‘ve created a little page to help you out.

Recently, we‘ve worked hard on a special size for women with larger breasts with D cup or a small E cup and a smaller underbust measurement of 70 - 75cm. If that’s you, you probably know the struggle of finding bralettes that fit you perfectly. Standard Medium sizes are too small in the cup, but standard Large sizes have a too wide underband which doesn’t support you. Well, we heard you and are are happy to represent your size with our special L– size!

So you've already learned about our body positive approach that runs deep within our brand, from design to models to photos. But what else would you like to know about LEONESSA?