Ethical Production & Sustainability

Lioa Lingerie stands for people and the planet. We’re an ethical brand with fairness and sustainability at our heart. We source our fabrics from within Europe and our garments are produced in Portugal under fair working conditions. This not only guarantees high standards throughout our production chain, but also keeps our carbon footprint down. Scroll down to find out more.

We think it's cool to care. Do you too?

Where the Lingerie Magic Happens

Our manufacturer is specialized in producing luxury lingerie and has worked with some seriously high-end brands. We're talking the crème de la crème of the lingerie world, folks. And we're lucky enough to work with them too!

But we're not just about making pretty undies, though. We're all about quality and core values too. That's why we visit the facility regularly to ensure that everything is up to our high standards. We're like the lingerie police, but with cuter outfits.

Where Swimwear Dreams are Made

Are you ready to dive into the world of sustainable swimwear? Meet our partner in crime - the awesome manufacturer we've teamed up with in Guimarães, Portugal!

These guys are total experts when it comes to producing swimwear that's kind to the planet. And get this - almost 100% of the energy they use for production comes from solar panels installed right there at their facility. That's right, solar power baby!

The Origin Of Our Materials

Here at Lioa, we're all about looking good and doing good. And let's face it, there's nothing fashionable about trashing the planet! That's why we're actively working to minimize our environmental impact. We're not into fast fashion - it's wasteful, and it's just not our vibe. Instead, we source our fabrics from some seriously awesome places right here in Europe, think Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Greece, and the UK. By keeping our fabrics' journey from supplier to manufacturer to warehouse as short as possible, we're reducing the amount of pollution we generate. Plus, by using high-quality fabrics, we're ensuring that your garments will last for years to come, rather than ending up in landfill after just a few wears.

Meet Our Swimwear Materials

We're all about using materials that are kind to the planet, which is why all of our swimwear is made of ECONYL® or REPREVE® yarn. That means it's composed of nylon waste from lost fishing nets or waste of the fashion industry that's been recycled back to its original purity. So not only will your Lioa swimwear make you feel amazing, but it will also help protect the seas from harmful waste. Of course, we don't skimp on style either - our swimwear pieces are beautifully accented with hypoallergenic, recyclable, 24K-gold-plated Zamak.
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Our Lingerie Fabrics

While recycled lace options are few and far between, we're not afraid to get creative and find other ways to act sustainably and reduce waste. One of our favorite solutions? Working with unused stock fabrics, that would otherwise go to waste. We give these forgotten materials a new lease on life by crafting them into luxurious lingerie. As for our luxurious garment accents, they’re kind to your skin and the planet too. Our signature branded gold-plated rings are made of Zamak, a metal that’s hypoallergenic (meaning it prevents allergy reactions) and 100% recyclable!

Reduce, Reuse, Pack & Ship!

The phenomenal amount of packaging needed for manufacturing, retailing, and shipping has a devastating effect on our planet. We want to change this, so we’ve put our Lioa roar to good use! We demand that our manufacturers send individual items packaging-free. By shunning the careless industry practice of packing and storing each individual garment in its own disposable plastic bag, we’ve drastically reduced the waste our brand generates.

Of course, you want your garments to arrive in perfect condition – but even this can be done sustainably. We use recycled cardboard shipping boxes and notecards. Instead of plastic tape, we choose paper tape with natural rubber adhesive. And we use biodegradable paper stickers with natural adhesive too.  


So you‘ve just found out about our desire and actions to protect mama earth and produce our products in an ethical way. What would you like to read about next?