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The Perfect Lingerie Size

The below information will help you find your ideal size for our bras, bottoms and swimwear. In case you are still unsure which size to choose, please do not hesitate to contact our size experts at and we will happily help you.

The Bra Fit Guide: Measure At Home

Let‘s be honest: Lots of us are wearing the wrong bra size, which means we don‘t look or feel as good as we should and could be! So, here’s how to measure your bra size at home to get your next bra purchase just right. Make sure to take the below measurements while wearing a bralette or without wearing a bra.

1. Measure your band:
Wrap a measuring tape around your torso directly under your bust, where a bra band would sit. The tape should be level and fit tight, but not uncomfortably.

2. Measure your bust:
Place the tape at the fullest part of your bust (at nipple level). Make sure the tape is level and don‘t pull the tape too tight.

Note your band and bust measurements and compare them to the size table below to find your perfect Lioa Lingerie bra size.

Size Table For Bras

BandBustLEONESSA Bra Size
65 – 75 cm75 – 83 cmS
75 – 80 cm83 – 93 cmM
80 - 85 cm93 – 105 cmL
65 – 75 cm93 – 105 cmL-
BandBustLioa Bra SizeCorresponding Bra Size
65 – 75 cm75 – 83 cmS70A, 75A, 70B, 75B
75 – 80 cm83 – 93 cmM75B, 80B, 75C, 80C
80 - 85 cm93 – 105 cmL85C, 80D, 85D
65 – 75 cm93 – 105 cmL-70C, 75C, 70D, 75D

The team‘s tip: If you do not have a measuring tape, we suggest using any cord or ribbon you happen to have at home and put it around the area you want to measure. Then mark the point where the end meets your cord and measure the length of the cord with a ruler or any other measuring tool you may have handy.

About our Size L–

Our community pointed out that it is particularly difficult to find well-fitting bralettes if you have a larger cup size but a small band. Especially because bralettes usually only come in standard sizes S, M and L. Therefore, we created our special bralette size called L- that corresponds to a 70D / 75D bra size.