Care Instructions

Here‘s where you find out how to wash lingerie just right in order to wear and feel great in it for a long time. These washing tips are also suitable to wash your sustainable swimwear.

Handwash vs. Machinewash

Handwashing is the best and safest method for washing bras made of fine lace and silk fabrics and to ensure a long life span for the item. But we know you’re a busy woman and may not have time for handwashing your delicate items... so choose your preferred method below.

Fill a wash tub or sink with cool water. Add 2 capfuls of a delicate wash mix and detergent to the water and mix together.

Submerge the items and let them soak in the water for 30 minutes.

Rinse the lingerie with cool water until there is no more soap.

Do not wring. the items. Instead, press the water out between your hands or gently press a soft towel against it to soak up the water.

No matter how you choose to wash your lingerie, you should always air-dry your lingerie away from heat and direct sunlight. Hang to dry or lay items flat on a drying rack. Do not – ever! – use the dryer as the high heat breaks down spandex and the elastics and your precious lingerie will wear out faster.