We are deeply shocked at the extent to which the coronavirus has taken hold. Therefore, in order to prevent any unnecessary further spread of the virus, we would like to call on you to stay at home as much as you can and only leave it for the most necessary errands. 

To make your time at home as enjoyable as possible we'd like to share 10 of our team's and customer's favorite Netflix series with you.

Sex Education
is a comdy-drama about the teenager Otis Milburn who starts giving sex-advice in his school (despite he is still a virgin himself, which of course no one knows) and his mother who is a sex therapist and by the way our favorite character from the series. Believe us, you will laugh a lot and that is definitely needed in crisis times like these.

is a documentary television series about various topics. There is also "The Mind, Explained" and "Sex, Explained" to be found on netflix. All of the three versions are super interesting and recommendable if you would like to watch something that does not only entertain but also educate! By the way season 2, episode 4 is actually about "the next pandemic" which is especially interesting to see now!

is a thriller teen drama about students at an elite secondary school and their friends. We have not yet seen ourselves but it was the most recommended one by our customers and therefore we will start watching it ourselves too! 

Toy Boy
is another series that we have (not yet) watched ourselves but which has be recommended a lot by our customers but the stories evolves around a male stripper. I mean, doesn't this already sound interesting, ladies??? Well, that just made us watch the trailer and we can already confirm: HE IS HOT. Seems like this series is next on our watch list!

is a crime thriller television series that follows Raymond "Red" Reddington who is high-profile criminal but starts helping the FBI to catch the most dangerous criminals in the world. We find this series very thrilling and really like the character of Red which turns the thriller into a little comedy once in a while. 

Modern Family
is a family sitcom and a true classic. It might not be everyone's humour, but we lol everytime about Phil's lame jokes. Also, each episode lasts only 20min which we like, because you can "quickly" watch an episode between a work break to lighten up your day with some really stupid jokes.

Night On Earth
is a nature documentary that follows animals that are active during the night using state of the art, low-light camera technology. If you are interested in our beautiful planet and the creatures that live on it and what they do at night, you have to see this beautiful series. 

Marco Polo
is a drama series inspired by the true story of Marco Polo a Venetian merchant. The series is not only entertaining and thrilling to watch but we also loved the costumes and sceneries a lot. Unfortunaltey the production was so expensive, that netflix only produced two seasons. We would have loved to see more! 

When they see us
is a drama miniseries that is based on the 1989 Central Park jogger case, when five male suspects were falsely accused to have raped and assaulted a women in Central Park, New York City. This series is hard and heartbreaking to watch and will make you think a lot. So if you are already having a hard time because of the virus or any other reason, we recommend postpone watching it.

Workin' Moms
is a fun sitcom about, well, workin' moms. We must admit, it took us some time to get into the series as we find the start quite lame. BUT, once the stories around the moms evolve and you start to identify with certain characters it's getting quite entertaining. And what we love most about it, that it is kept so real and authentic and makes us women feel like it's just fine not to be perfect in every aspect of live. – therefore we love it and it had to be on our list!

Please stay home to stay save! If you don't do it for you, do it for the people at risk and to prevent hospitals from the collapse. Thank you!