Private Try On Events

You want to change the game when it comes to celebrating a birthday? Or need a next level bachelorette party idea? Or just want to have fun with your besties? We’ve got you! The LEONESSA Private Try On Events are a great idea if you like our badass lingerie and want to try it on before you buy it*.

*This is not a shopping event. Buying is not a must. Having fun is.


Quick facts about our Private Try On Events 

– Guests: ladies only (Sorry, gents!)
– Invitations: minimum 6, maximum 15 
– Duration: 1 – 3 hours
– Includes: champagne & snacks (Yay!)
– Language: we host in German and/or English
– Location: Home Edition or Luxe Edition (see below)
– Buy on-site with easy-peasy card payment
– Currently only available in Switzerland.




Why book a Private Try On Event?
Private Try On Events are your chance to try all your favorite LEONESSA Lingerie pieces before buying. One of our lovely teammates will help you and your friends find the perfect fit and style, and you will be able to easily purchase your favorite pieces directly on-site with hassle-free card payments. But this is actually not a sales event. We want you to have a great time with your girls and aim to leave you feeling empowered, strong, beautiful and irresistible.




What does it include?
Each Private Try On Event is hosted by one of our lovely teammates. She will set up the location for you, help you and your guests try on our pieces and answer all your questions about the lingerie and LEONESSA as a brand. Champagne (Cheers!) and snacks (Yumm!) are included, as well as cute little kimonos to throw over for those who need a rest from feeling super duper gorgeous after seeing their hottest selves in the mirror. Oh, and you get to snap away some really cool and hot pics.



Home Edition Or Luxe Edition?
Home Edition: For those with a tight budget and those who want a relaxed and familiar atmosphere, we can hold the Private Try On Event at your place or any other place you prefer and organize yourself. Please note, we currently only host our at-home try on events in the Eastern part of Switzerland (max. 1.5 hrs away from Zurich).
Luxe Edition: For those who want the complete package and that luxurious feeling, we book the most gorgeous suite at the beautiful Romantik Hotel Europe, in the heart of Zurich. Here, we take care of everything for you and your guests.




What does it cost?
Home Edition: The cost is 100 CHF per person, but each person receives a 100 CHF gift card to shop at the event – so basically there's no cost at all other than for the lingerie you get yourself. 
Luxe Edition: The cost is 190 CHF per person, but each person receives a 190 CHF gift card to shop at the event – again, there's no cost for the event itself, but only for the lingerie.


Interested to book a Private Try On Event? 

Download and fill out this form 
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