6 post cards with fun motives all around compliments. This fun card bundle is the perfect addition to any gift.
Postcard Selection from Lioa Lingerie
Postcard "Hugs & Kisses"
Postcard selection by Lioa Lingerie
Postcard Selection by Lioa Lingerie
Postcard Lioa Lingerie

Postcard Bundle (6 Pieces)

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Get ready to upgrade your gifting game with our postcard pack. We've designed six adorable motives into this bundle that are guaranteed to make your special someone's heart flutter and their face light up with a grin that could power a small town.

This bundle packs six adorable A6 format cards, two of which are Christmas-themed. And guess what? They're all printed on recycled paper because we're Earth-loving enthusiasts!

(Envelopes are not included)